Monday, May 23rd, 2022

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Getting Started:

Welcome to the Interactive Limited Blogs. To help get you started, we’ve put together five video tutorials covering the basics of writing and posting to our blogs. If you have a question that isn’t covered by one of these videos, please don’t hesitate to contact your blog manager.

Part 1: User Profile Set Up

In this video, how to:

• Log in
• Change your password
• Set up your company profile

Part 2: Features of the Blog Site

This video is a tour of the blog’s structure and features including:

• RSS Feed
• Popular posts
• Contact the blog manager
• Member profile
• Member directory
• Social media sharing
• Comments

Part 3 How to Write a Post for SEO

This video covers goes over the Top 10 SEO Tips:

  1. Review a keyword list
  2. Focus on your headline! It should grab attention and include keywords
  3. Hyperlink from phrases with strong keywords
  4. Use approximately 1 link per 100 words
  5. Link to website page that contains link phrase words on the page (and in the title tag)
  6. Link to interior pages on your website
  7. Use each link only once per post, duplicate links are disregarded by Google
  8. Use a call to action (a download, offer or event)
  9. Include local city/state keywords whenever possible
  10. Always include your byline/signature at the end of the post

… and:

• Finding content ideas
• Choosing good keywords
• Tips for writing to your audience
• Writing a good headline
• Adding links to your posts
• Adding a by line

Part 4: How to Post to the Blog Site

This video explains the logistics of posting to the blog site, including:

• Logging in
• Starting a new post
• Copying and pasting from MS Word
• Setting the editing area preferences
• Inserting and verifying links
• Saving a draft
• Using the ‘Exerpt’ field
• Choosing categories and tags
• Submitting a post for review
• Tweeting posts
• Increasing the strength of the blog with marketing
• Methods to track blog impact

Vertical Tech Blog New Member Training

This video rehashes much of the information in the previous four tutorials with some additions and clarifications. The training is specifically for the Non Profit Tech Blog, but is equally applicable to the other Interactive Limited blogs.

Topics covered include:

The Advantages of Group Blogging

  • Cross promotion
  • Sharing leads
  • Professional SEO
  • Writer for a blog that’s stronger than an individual company blog can grow
  • Being linked to by Microsoft
  • Professional social media
  • Qualified leads

How to make the blog stronger by promoting and linking to it

Writing strategy:

  • Tone of the blog: focus on prospects
  • Using long-tail keywords
  • Writing a good headline
  • Inserting 1 link per 100 words

How to post basics:

  • Setting up the visual editor
  • Pasting from MS Word
  • Inserting a call to action
  • Linking to interior pages
  • Selecting categories
  • Tagging posts
  • Inserting links
  • Checking your links

Adding events

Other Materials: