Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Quick Quote Admin

Quick Quote Instructions:

Quick Quote is a database system that assigns leads to particular partners for leads from the ERP Blog White Paper download and the Quick Quote system.

The Quick Quote System can perform the following functions:

  1. Set up territories
  2. Assign Partners to territories
  3. Set default pricing and hours levels.
  4. Set custom pricing and hours levels.
  5. Set Partner address, contact name and email distribution details.
  6. Partners can be granted access to the system to set their own pricing and contact information.
  7. Partners can sign themselves up for the service but they must be “Activated” by an admin.

Admin Control Panel:

Log in at

When editing a profile for the first time you may find that there is no username or password assigned.  Create a new username using the first 8 lowercase characters of the company name without spaces if there are less than 8 characters in the name then use the first characters up to 8.  Set the password as:   test!*!

From this screen you can:

Default Pricing:

  • Change the settings for the price calculations and the number of hours set for each task for each option of the proposal.


  • Add Territories to the US or Canada
  • Change Who a category is assigned to
  • Delete a Territory
  • Additions or deletions of territories will be reflected in the drop down menu for the Free-Resourses and Quick Quote Forms.


  • Partners are not added from this section they are added from using the “Create Account” menu item.
  • Delete or edit Partner details including: Pricing, contact info, distribution emails.
  • Logo images should be no larger than 140pt x 100pt.
  • From the Edit Partner Screen you can:
    • Set a territory for the partner to be assigned to.
    • Set custom pricing levels
    • Upload an attachment.
    • Generate Analytics code to be placed on the page host page.
    • Generate Embed Code to host the form on a partner site.

How to Activate a partner to receive leads:

  1. Set Up The Account (Partner can do this themselves but you have to give them the invitation code of 3366)
    1. Goto and click “Create Account”.
    2. Use invitation Code 3636 and fill out all the necessary fields then click Create Account.
    3. A Welcome email will be sent to the partner and the Partner will be added to the database.
    4. A notification email will be sent to
    5. Goto
      1. Log In as admin
      2. Locate the username for the new account and click edit.
      3. Change the Status to Active.
      4. Complete the profile fields or tell the Partner to complete the profile fields.
      5. Click Territories to assign the Account to a territory.
      6. Click Pricing to set custom pricing levels.
      7. Click Attachments to upload attachments to be sent to the prospect with that partners quick-quote (powerful feature that can allow partners to send additional promotional literature with their quote)
      8. Set analytics codes for the embedded form.
      9. Generate Embed code for hosting the form or creating a link.