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Q: I forgot my password, what do I do?

A: Go to the login screen of your blog (blog URL + /wp-admin) and click on Forgot Your Password? link to resend. Password will be sent to email you provided at sign up.)

Q: I submitted a post but it is not on the site yet? How long does it take to be approved?

A: Every post is reviewed by a professional proofreader. We aim to have all posts approved within 48 hours.  If you have a special need for a post to be approved quickly, send an email request to (Note: proofreader will not check links, so please verify link accuracy on your own)

Q: Can I have more than one Author name?

A: Yes, from the “Add New Post” screen. In the “Add New Post” screen scroll down to the “Custom Fields” section. From the drop down menu choose “author_name”. (CAREFUL: do not choose any other value from the custom field list). Type in the new author name, company name in “Value”.  Click the “Add Custom Field” button. When the post is published the custom author name will show as a link on the top of the post.

If the “Custom Fields” Section is not on the post screen you can add it by clicking on “Screen Options” in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Make sure to check the “Custom Fields” box.

Q: Can I change the default Author name?

A: Yes, we can change the default author name for you at any time. However, it will change the name for all past and future posts unless you have added a custom author name (see above).

Q: Why don’t I get more leads in my state?

A: We wish that we could control lead flow to make it equal in all states. Our only suggestion is to use more geographic keywords in your posts to drive more local traffic to the site.

Q: How do I change information on my profile page?

A:  Most blog members can change their own. Please refer to New Member Videos and scroll to the Profile Set UP video.  EXCEPTION:  ERP and CRM blog members we must make these changes for you. Please send any changes to

Q: Where are the blogs syndicated?

A: We are syndicated on the Dynamics Community site at:

ERP:  SL Posts Syndication, AX Posts Syndication, NAV Posts Syndication, GP Posts Syndication

CRM: CRM Posts Syndication

 Accounting Software Review: Coming soon

SharePoint:  Coming soon

MS Infrastructure: Coming soon

Cloud: Coming soon

Q: Can I submit this expense for Microsoft CDF/co-marketing funds?

A: For Dynamics partners this project is approved for CDF Funds. Submit under category of Marketing Consulting. Other Microsoft partners please consult your fund administrators.

Q: I work in multiple states, can I advertise that on the blog?

A: Each partner is assigned to represent just one state. This dictates where you are listed in the directory and where you receive leads. You can NOT use names of states you do not represent in these areas:

  • Any Hyperlinked text
  • Blog Title
  • Tags

You CAN use other state names in the body of your text (as long as it is not a hyperlink). You are free to list all areas (and products) on your profile page.

Q: I got an email telling me someone commented on my post, what do I do?

A: There are 3 types of responses you can get to your post.

Comments:  If this is a real person asking a question please go to the post and enter a comment as a reply. It could also be a statement from a competitor that you can comment on to refute.  Keeping an active dialogue is the sign of a healthy blog so we encourage you to reply to all comments.

Pingbacks:  If the comment is a phrase from your post or the title in brackets (example: […] 4 Questions to Ask To Lower the Cost of Accounting Software User … […]) this is called a “pingback”. This shows that another website linked to your post, which is good for you.  You do not need to take any action on this.

Spam: If a comment looks like spam or is in some way offensive, or if the pingback is from an offensive site, please let us know and we will delete it.Q: Can I repost an article I have already posted on my own blog or another site?

Q: Can I repost an article I have already posted on my own blog or another site?

A: No, please post unique content. Search engines ignore duplicate content.  However, you can certainly summarize or re-purpose an existing article (new headline, new word structure) and post it.   A writing service (such as would be able to do this for you very inexpensively.

Q: How many links can I put in a post?

A: We all need to be cautious not to “overlink” and draw negative attention to the blog site.  We recommend not more than 1 link per every 100 words, or 3 links per post including your byline.  (this does not include linking to your profile page on the blog site itself). Remember not to duplicate links. And link on strong keyword phrases only. Our proofreader will delete links we feel are excessive.

Q: Where can I get more training?

A:     View our on-line Blog Member FAQ’s Word document here
         View our entire library of new member information here
         When you are ready review advanced SEO and Blogging topics here