Monday, May 23rd, 2022

1 Free Post with Blog Writing Subscription Service by The Partner Marketing Group

4 Blog Posts Subscription: $500 ($125 per blog post) 6 Blog Posts Subscription: $660 ($110 per blog post) 8 Blog Posts Subscription: $720 ($ 90 per blog post) Making an impact and staying in front of your prospects in the online community is becoming increasingly important as competition grows in cyber space. Imagine if you […]

Should Old Content Be Removed From Your Website or Removed Just From Navigation?

Question: Should old content be removed from our website or just removed from navigation as kind of “hidden” page?  For example, info on the old versions of GP now that the new one is here. Answer: SEO’s differ on this point but I think that old pages should be kept up, they can be removed […]

How to Promote Your Videos On Community Dynamics

Notify Justin at via email to  that you would like them to subscribe to your video channel.  In the email provide a link to your YouTube channel and a request to have Community Dynamics subscribe to your channel and repost all of your Dynamics related content.  Be sure to tell Justin that you […]

Lane Sennett – Writer with IT Pro Background

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If you would like to learn more about how to create attention getting headlines for website lead generation and increased customer engagement, please give me a call at 925-271-5507 or send me an email at Here is a short list of my current project services and prices: Articles and Blog Posts – 300 to […]

A ‘Real’ Headline – Does Your Home Page Have One?

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 Many technology business websites either don’t have a headline on their Home page, or their existing headline does not get their reader’s attention! What is the purpose of your website home page? It should get a potential clients attention (with the headline), and then engage them to want to learn more about your services.  Your Home […]

November 2011 Blog Stats and Announcements

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November 2011 Blog Stats and News: 1)      The blogs have gone international and now have sections for separate languages. Spanish, French and Portuguese. If you want to write in these languages or know partners to refer, please do. 2)      The Cloud ERP White Paper developed for the ERP Software Blog is now available in audio […]

How to Get More Quick Quote Leads – Reporting

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Dear ERP Blog Members, We need your help!  Even though SEO is the main benefit of your membership we all know that we love to get Quick Quote leads. These leads are often good quality, of real prospects in the buying cycle. I know at CAL we have closed 5 Quick Quote leads in the […]

ERP Posts are Now Syndicated in Separate Product Sections of the Dynamics Community Site

Our ERP posts are now syndicated in separate product sections of the Dynamics Community Site.  SL Posts Syndication, AX Posts Syndication, NAV Posts Syndication, GP Posts Syndication This gives you more exposure to the right prospects.  (we are working on ideas to give our ISV members more targeted syndication too) Please Remember! You must choose […]

Benefits of Using RSS Feeds to Show Blog Content on Your Company Website

This is a reminder of the benefits of using RSS feeds to show blog content on your own websites. Showing blog articles means you have a constant stream of new content on your site. And it shows people that you are blogging, especially if you are not also contributing to your own company blog. Here are […]

Having 10 “5 star” Ratings in Pinpoint Equals a “substantial boost” in Search Results

I recently found some insider info from Microsoft that having 10 “5 star” ratings in Pinpoint is equivalent to a “substantial boost” in ensuring you are shown high in search results. I have always wondered how many reviews was enough to make a difference and this is a helpful guideline. (although of course I can’t […]

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