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May 2014 – How To Optimize Your Pinpoint Profile For Microsoft’s New “Find a Partner” Campaign

This training call will cover how to optimize your profile apps and services pages on Microsoft Pinpoint. This is specifically for our blog members as a benefit of your membership, similar programs are being offered to Microsoft Partners at a cost of $1000.   Our training call and extended follow up Q&A session will cover […]

November 2011-How to Build Your “Google Authorship” Profile and Status

We will be reducing Google’s new authorship markup protocol to plain English so everyone can understand what it is, why you need to participate and how to participate. If you want to listen to an explanation in the original language from planet Google watch this video: but if you think you need a clearer explanation about what is going on attend our free webinar for group blog members only.

October 2011- Get the Most Out of Google Analytics

How to use Google Analytics to measure your sites performance and measure ROI and the performance of your blog posts.

October 2011-Headline, Title Tag and Keyword Guidelines

Advanced Training Demo for Guidelines for Headlines, Title Tags and Keywords

August 2011– Google Places Optimization

How to Get Listed on Hundreds of Local Websites and Optimize Your Google Places Listing to Get Free Traffic

July 2011-Mobilize Your Website and Your Search Listings For Usability, Increased Traffic and Leads

A poor mobile web experience can negatively shape a consumer’s opinion of your brand or your company altogether. In a recent study, we found that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site that they had trouble accessing from their phone, and 40% go to a competitor’s. By the end of this year, more than half of all Americans will own a smartphone. Your customers are mobile—are you?

June 2011-What is the New Google Plus One Button-Benefits & How to Use it

What is the New Google Plus One Button-Benefits & How to Use it

March 2011-New Members Training Call