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June 2014 – How to Repurpose Content Across Multiple blogs Without a Duplicate Content Penalty

This is an old topic that keeps coming up and it is still one of the most common questions we get from bloggers. “Can I post the same content on my blog and your blog.” In this session we will review how to avoid Google’s duplicate content penalty by rewriting, summarizing and cross linking content. We realize that you only have so much content to spread around, so learn how to do it safely.

How To Write Title Tags and Description Tags for SEO

December 23, 2010 by  
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Writing effective title tags is probably the most important thing for search engine authorization.  Often times when I’m asked to write title tags for a site, I will find out that all my clients have for their home page title tag is just  the name of their company.  Or it will be the name of […]