Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

May 2016 – How to track off line marketing campaigns with Google Analytics and Call Rail

Many VARs and ISVs promote events  with offline media such as post cards, mailers, print ads, and handouts at trade shows.  Find out how to set up tracking urls with Google Analytics to track visitors to your website and sign ups for these events.  Also learn how to tag specific campaigns online with tracking parameters […]

March 2016 – How to get the most out of Google Analytics

In this session you will learn: What defines a session, user, and page view. What is a good bounce rate and how to find your worse performing pages. How to set up goals for tracking conversions and phone calls. What is referral Spam and how to block it from Google Analytics. Of the thousands of […]

January 2016 – Website Updating and Redesigns

Updating your website? We will go over step by step how to purchase responsive themes for content management systems, what you should expect to pay, How to transition from the old site to the new site without sacrificing search rankings and when to build mini sites or change domain names. Learn all the factors affecting […]

November 2015 – Optimizing and Improving Old Blog Posts

We will review and critique suggestions from Hubspot about the importance of improving and updating old blog posts that are driving most of your traffic and leads.     Download PowerPoint Slides  

September 2015 – Quality Assurance For Your Web Campaigns

Testing your forms for errors, using postmark app for emails sent from your web server and how to detect and fix broken links on your website. Errors on your website not only make your company look bad, they can prevent leads from getting through to you. Dead links, broken forms, emails that bounce are the […]

August 2015 – Blog Member Site Review

Hearing about best practices is helpful, but seeing specific real life examples from your industry is even better. During this call we will do SEO and design evaluations of blog member websites and/or landing pages.   Download PowerPoint Slides

July 2015 – How to determine if a site is worth posting fresh content on. (Bonus: Best Practices For Ad Copy and Site Design)

You may have many opportunities to post content on blogs, directories or guest post. How to determine where to post by using open site explorer to check the site’s strength. Also learn what to post and how to link from one site to another to safely build your backlinks. Download PowerPoint Presentation

May 2015 – An Inside View Into a Fully Integrated Online Marketing Campaign

Discussed how to set up an email/AdWords campaign with multiple landing pages, re-marketing and marketing automation. Showed a real life example from a Altico Advisors, a blog member and Interactive Limited client. Download PowerPoint Slides

April 2015 – How to embed photos and videos into your posts.

How to embed photos and videos into your posts. How to use special codes for YouTube video embeds to remove related videos. Why you should not be hosting video on your own server. Why you may want to host your videos on your own website with wistia instead of YouTube, how to embed links in […]

March 2015 – How To Avoid Penalties From Google From Over-Optimization And Dangerous Linking

Google will penalize your site for aggressive link building. Dave Foreman will discuss how to build links safely and what tactics to avoid. Download PowerPoint Slides

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