Monday, May 23rd, 2022

March 2018-New Trends in On Page SEO

In this training learn about: Working with shorter title tags Optimizing for better mobile rankings Checking your site for 404 errors and broken links Investing in premium hosting for faster page load times and better security and more. Download PowerPoint Slides

January 2018 – How to use local and national directories to build your backlink profile and improve your online reputation.

Local inks increase search rankings and are very low cost if you use a service like Bright Local.  Also learn the best sites to get national directory listings for your proprietary software and services. Download PowerPoint Slides 

October 2017-Protecting your Website From Hackers

In this call we discussed how to protect and maintain a valuable business asset – your website. Including backups, updates, hosting, content delivery networks, image compression, form testing, uptime monitors and eMail sending applications.   Download PowerPoint Slide

July 2017 – How to create a content campaign with an editorial calendar.

We will discuss how to create an editorial schedule and build a content strategy. Including tasking writers and creating summaries around blog posts published on your own blog plus developing content around videos. And then how to generate more traffic from your posts.   Download PowerPoint Slides

May 2017 – Topic: “How to Pull Actionable Information Out of Your Google Analytics Reports”

We will discuss using goal tracking, bounce rates, click maps, and other reports.  And you will learn how to use Google Analytics to check your site for dead pages that are getting traffic from old links and ad campaigns. Google analytics can overwhelm you with data.  This session will teach you how to get information […]

March 2017 – Page Load Times & Blog Post Analytics

In this session we covered: How to test and improve your website page load times to improve SEO & site performance. How to track, in Google Analytics, visits to your website referred from the group blogs. And how this can be used to prove the ROI of your blog membership. How to interpret the performance data for […]

January 2017 – How to Market Your Add-On Products and Other IP Products

  Most ISVs have niche product offerings and only compete against a handful of other companies in their product market. Follow these best practices for your company to appear in Google organic search results and Google paid search results for your niche product offerings. Including tips on how to: Develop Collateral Appear in Directory Listings […]

November 2016 – Special Q&A Call with Copyright Infringement Expert

Copyright infringement is a complicated topic, but something each of us as bloggers should be aware of. We have invited Stacy B. as a guest speaker to answer some common questions. Stacy is not a lawyer and will not give specific legal advice. But she will answer our questions based on her many years of […]

September 2016 – Pinpoint to Partner Center Transition – What Dynamics Partners Should Know

As of July 7, 2016 the Microsoft Pinpoint site was replaced by the Microsoft Partner Center site. After much research on the sites by and testing of the search algorithm, we will be presenting a treasure trove of information about how to optimize this potential source of leads.  Learn about critical dos and don’ts for […]

July 2016 – Website Usability

Find out what makes your site difficult to navigate and how to make simple changes to improve time on site and conversions.   Download PowerPoint Slides

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