Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Blogging Tips and Best Practices

Blogging Tips and Best Practices Please place in your email safe senders list. Remember your audience is people who are researching and buying software – make your posts relevant to them!  Please do not write technical info for end users. Posts can be short – 2 or 3 paragraphs (150 words) or longer. Quality […]

Top 10 SEO Tips for Bloggers

  1.Review a keyword list 2.Focus on your headline! Should grab attention and include keywords 3.Hyperlink on phrases with strong keywords Ask: “What would a prospect type into search engine?” For example: Click Here is not a good link! 4.Approximately 1 link per 100 words 5.Link to website page that contains link phrase words on […]

SharePoint Keywords

SharePoint partners SharePoint consultants SharePoint developers SharePoint experts SharePoint solutions SharePoint applications SharePoint implementation SharePoint integration SharePoint case studies SharePoint performance Microsoft SharePoint SharePoint customization SharePoint server SharePoint portal SharePoint workflow SharePoint collaboration SharePoint support SharePoint web parts SharePoint migration SharePoint workspace SharePoint support SharePoint 2010 SharePoint services SharePoint training SharePoint development Collaboration software Portals

SharePoint Blog Ideas

10 questions to ask your Software provider before you sign the contract 5 steps to a smooth software upgrade How (product) helped (client x) to solve (issue x) Why company x is looking for new solution/software – specific issues/pain points Personal thoughts on industry statistic/article/white paper How to know if you are outgrowing (product) How […]

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