Wednesday, June 29th, 2022

1 Free Post with Blog Writing Subscription Service by The Partner Marketing Group

4 Blog Posts Subscription: $500 ($125 per blog post) 6 Blog Posts Subscription: $660 ($110 per blog post) 8 Blog Posts Subscription: $720 ($ 90 per blog post) Making an impact and staying in front of your prospects in the online community is becoming increasingly important as competition grows in cyber space. Imagine if you […]

Writing a Quality Blog Post is an Investment that Pays Long Term Dividends

I presented a session on blogging at a NYC Microsoft event this week. To answer an attendee’s question, I was trying to compare to ROI of blogging vs traditional marketing and a new thought struck me…..writing blog posts really pays long term dividends.  If I write and publish a quality blog post with good links […]

Video Transcription Service by Speaker Text

Dave Foreman Recommends: I found a low cost service that will transcribe any video for about 2 dollars per minute.  Looks like they are fairly accurate but I have not used them yet. .  Providing video transcriptions when videos have voice overs  is a good way to bring more traffic into a website.

15% off Telemarketing by Nurture Marketing

Integrate your direct, social, and web marketing campaigns with Nurture’s professional team of telemarketers.  Chosen from our years of experience in the Microsoft ecosystem; our US based partner is dedicated to developing guaranteed sales leads for small to mid-sized Microsoft Dynamics Partners. ERP & CRM Blog Members Special Offer:  15% off our hourly rate of […]

$1000 Off Custom Campaign Ready to Go by Nurture Marketing

Need an EASY, custom and affordable solution to get your messages in market? Let our experts create a custom “campaign in a box”. We provide everything from the how to (an execution guide) to 9 months of e-mails that you deliver according to the action plan. This is completely custom – focused on your target […]

Writer’s Guild by Nurture Marketing

Nurture trained writers experienced with social media, demand generation and nurture marketing. Let us build your content library – from social media snippets and blog posts, Case Studies to newsletter articles and whitepapers. For example a case study cost $800 and 2 page White Paper cost $1,200. ERP & CRM Blog Members Special Offer:  Free […]

20% Off E-Newsletter Content and Design by The Partner Marketing Group

You know the value of communicating with prospects and customers on a regular basis to nurture the relationship. After all, if you don’t, your competition certainly will! Considering the fact that sales cycles are getting longer, how will you stay in touch with prospects until they’re ready to buy? Increase your company’s visibility today by […]

Free Email & Article in 12-month eMail Nurturing Campaign by Two Black Labs Marketing

Industry Specific eMail Marketing Storylines Passive reading of your content is not going to help online marketing initiatives shorten buying cycles or increase customer acquisition and revenues.   The challenge you probably face is how to progress prospects consistently across the stages of buying to the point where they’re willing to discuss solving their problem with […]

Social Media Management by Two Black Labs Marketing

You work hard on your monthly blog post and content development.  Is the ERP Software Blog the only place you utilize your blog post?  Let Two Black Labs Marketing repurpose your blog post into a presence on the social networks.  Participating in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or  You Tube is one way to help maximize the […]

$500 off eMail Marketing Ready to Go Content Library by Two Black Labs Marketing

eMarketing Strategies need contagious content.  In today’s world, it is important to make every online interaction with your prospects and customers count.  Contagious content must educate them about what they need to know and showcase your company as the expert.  Do you struggle with creating contagious content?  Do you struggle finding the time to fill […]

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