Monday, May 23rd, 2022

List of Advanced Member Training Links

May 2020 – How to Optimize Your Post for SEO using Yoast plugin and using text links to benefit your company website and increase lead flow
January 2020 – Insider Tips: Building a Backlink Strategy for SEO
October 2019 – Calls to Action and Lead Tracking
July 2019 – Optimizing and Improving Old Blog Posts
April 2019 – How to Use Google Analytics Reports to Achieve Your Marketing Goals
January 2019 – Why you should care about Page Load Times
November 2018 – YouTube Optimization Part 2 – Question & Answer
September 2018 – YouTube Optimization Part 1
July 2018 – How to track Google organic search keywords with Keyword-Hero
May 2018 – White Papers-What You Need to Know
March 2018 – New Trends in On-Page SEO
January 2018 – How to use local & national directories to build your backlink profile & improve your online reputation.
October 2017 – Protecting your Website From Hackers
July 2017 – How to create a content campaign with an editorial calendar
May 2017 – How to Pull Actionable Information Out of Your Google Analytics Reports
March 2017 – Page Load Times & Blog Post Analytics
January 2017 – How to Market Your Add-On Products and Other IP Products
November 2016 – Special Q&A Call with Copyright Infringement Expert
September 2016 – Pinpoint to Partner Center Transition – What Dynamics Partners Should Know
July 2016 – Website Usability
May 2016 – How to track off line marketing campaigns with Google Analytics and Call Rail
March 2016 – How to get the most out of Google Analytics
January 2016 – Website Updates and Redesign
November 2015 – Optimizing and Improving Old Blog Posts
September 2015 – Quality Assurance For Your Web Campaigns
August 2015 – Blog Member Site Review
July 2015 – How to determine if a site is worth posting fresh content on. (Bonus: Best Practices For Ad Copy and Site Design)
May 2015 – An Inside View Into a Fully Integrated Online Marketing Campaign
April 2015 – How to embed photos and videos into your posts
March 2015 – How To Avoid Penalties From Google From Over-Optimization And Dangerous Linking
February 2015 – How to Use Social Media to Connect With Partners and Prospects
January 2015 – How to Improve On Page SEO
November 2014 – Improving Landing Page Performance
October 2014 – How to Find Topics, Time & Talent
September 2014 – Case Study of a Successful Dynamics Partner
August 2014 – Using Yoast to Check Your SEO Score
July 2014 – Best Practices to Make Screen Capture/Demo Videos Plus Scripting
June 2014 – How to Re-purpose Content Across Multiple blogs Without a Duplicate Content Penalty
May 2014 – How To Optimize Your Pinpoint Profile For Microsoft’s New “Find a Partner” Campaign
April 2014 – What is Retargeting, How Much Does it Cost (Not Much) and Why You Should Be Doing it
March 2014 – Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn
February 2014 – How to Create Blog Topics Using Analytics
January 2014 – How to Measure Effectiveness of Your Web Campaigns Without Keyword Data
November 2013 – How to Update Old Content to Get New Results!
November 2013 – EXTRA-Linking Google+ and YouTube Accounts
October 2013 – BONUS TRAINING: 10 Insider Tips to Optimize YouTube and Market With Videos
October 2013 – How to Launch a Successful Online Marketing Campaign Targeted to a Specific Vertical
September 2013 – How to Promote a Free Trial Offer or Pricing Tool On Your Website
August 2013 – How to Use Retargeting Banners to Increase Lead Flow and Brand Recognition
July 2013 – How ISVs and VARs Can Connect Using Group Blogging and Social Media
June 2013 – How to use “Google Analytics to Improve Your Web Campaigns”
May 2013 – Do VARs and ISVs need a mobile version of their site? Building a Mobile Version of Your Web Site For Free Using Dudamobile
April 2013 – Securing Your Website and Your WordPress Installation
February 2013 – Ethical Link Building For Your Company Website In Light of Google’s Recent Updates
January 2013 – How to Manage Google Authorship Account for Your Professional Life
December 2012 – Best Practices for Posting on Multiple Blog Sites
November 2012 – How to set up and optimize your company YouTube channel properly. And follow up on Google+
October 2012 – 2013 ERP Launch – New Features Videos Participation Guide For Group Blog Members
September 2012 – Content Marketing: Tips and Tools to Create Compelling Content to Attract Prospects & Search Engines
September 2012 – Ethical Link Building for Your Company Website in Light of Google’s Recent Penguin Update
July 2012 – Why Low Cost Video is Becoming The Best Lead Generation Source For Microsoft Dynamics Partners
June 2012 – Insider Tips: Creating, Designing and Promoting White Papers and Infographics
May 2012 – How To Build The Perfect Landing Page For Lead Generation
April 2012 – Ethical Link Building For Your Company Website
March 2012 – How to Improve Search Engine Rankings On The Best Keywords For Your Company Website
February 2012 – How To Get The Most Out of Infographics for the Group Blogs
February 2012 – Why Group Blogging Works For Both Large and Small VARS and ISVs
January 2012 – How to build a low cost Google AdWords/Yahoo/Bing Branding campaign to bring more visitors to your site.
December 2011 – How To: Optimize Case Studies so that they generate leads & Improve Rankings for Your PinPoint Listings
November 2011 – How to Build Your “Google Authorship” Profile and Status
October 2011 – Get the Most Out of Google Analytics
October 2011 – Headline, Title Tag and Keyword Guidelines
September 2011 – Google Webmaster Tools-Diagnosing Issues
August 2011 – Google Places Optimization
July 2011 – Mobilize Your Website and Your Search Listings For Usability, Increased Traffic and Leads
June 2011 – What is the New Google Plus One Button-Benefits & How to Use it
May 2011 – Embed YouTube Videos into Posts
May 2011 – Insert Images Into Posts
April 2011 – Twitter for Microsoft Dynamics, by Andy Leapaldt, Community Dynamics
April 2011 – Creating & Using Video for Marketing Campaigns
March 2011-Twitter For SEO-How to Boost Your Rankings
February 2011 – How To Write A “Top Ten” Post
January 2011 – How to Re-purpose Content Your Organization Creates
December 2010 – Legal Issues for Bloggers to Consider, Attorney Larry Dietz
November 2010 – SEO for Facebook
October 2010 – Google Penalties and How To Avoid Them
September 2010 – Press Releases and DailySN
August 2010 – Secret to Successful Blogging-Keywords and Google Analytics
July 2010 – Title Tags and Google Places Optimization
May 2010 – Ways to Save Money on Your Adwords Campaign-PartnerPoint
May 2010 – How to Submit Your Best Tweets to the Sidebar
April 2010 – Free Directories for Microsoft Partners