Monday, May 23rd, 2022

January 2019 – Why you should care about Page Load Times

Page load times are often ignored in SEO discussions and grading tools in spite of the fact that this optimization factor has only increased with time.  As websites add more and more plugins and tracking scripts, the amount of resources on the page increase and cause load times to slow dramatically.  Most people feel that their website loads “fast enough” but studies by Bing and others have show that Page Load times can have a dramatic effect on lead flow and site performance ( )

Optimizing Page Load Times on your website is not only a critical factor for SEO, it also improves time on site performance and lead generation.   We have found that the best way to improve page load times is to use a free CDN called CloudFlare.  We will show you how to setup Cloudflare for page load time optimization plus advanced settings if you want to pay a bit extra per month for top performance.  Although we have covered this topic before we have new methods of optimization that are easier to implement and are less likely be to undone by future code changes on your website.

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