Monday, May 23rd, 2022

July 2018 – How to track Google organic search keywords with Keyword-Hero

About 4 years ago Google Analytics stopped showing keyword data in Google Analytics.  The primary reason they did this was to prevent 3rd parties from creating marketing lists based on keyword traffic to large websites.  Now finally there is a way to view the keyword data in Google Analytics for your organic traffic with about 70% accuracy.  The new tool is called Keyword Hero.   Keyword Hero is free as long as you have less than 750 visitors organic per month. But, even if you have more traffic than that and don’t want to pay the 19$ per month fee each month, you can still learn a lot about your landing pages and keyword traffic with this new  tool.  The training call will show you how to setup up Keyword Hero and how to view the keyword data and analyze your keyword traffic and optimize your meta-tags better with the data.

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