Monday, May 23rd, 2022

May 2014 – How To Optimize Your Pinpoint Profile For Microsoft’s New “Find a Partner” Campaign

This training call will cover how to optimize your profile apps and services pages on Microsoft Pinpoint. This is specifically for our blog members as a benefit of your membership, similar programs are being offered to Microsoft Partners at a cost of $1000.   Our training call and extended follow up Q&A session will cover all the basics of how to optimize your listing.  Plus, we will be providing tips for how to collect customer reviews and how to build links into your profile pages to raise search rankings.

Microsoft has made it clear that the “Find a Partner Tool” in Microsoft Pinpoint site (launching in mid May) will be promoted heavily throughout their online campaigns in the coming months and years.  You want to make sure you are found when prospects are looking.  Many VARs and ISVs have already closed large deals from leads generated from their PinPoint listings.  If you have not optimized your profile, or if you think you could pump up the volume of your lead flow by improving your listings, be sure not to miss this training call!

August 2014 Updates:

Since we made this recording we need to make a few corrections:

1) The industry focus area on the main company profile page does NOT come from your MSN account anymore. Pinpoint is somehow taking a look at the industries you CHOOSE for your Apps/Services and then somehow combining or “averaging” those together and setting the main Industry Focus for you. So you can’t control what it shows, unless we are consistent with the industries we choose for apps/services

2) When you choose an industry focus on an app/service be aware that the TOP parent industry (of the one you choose) is the one that is shown with your profile as this can be confusing.

3) Anything can be listed on Pinpoint but only applications that are CFMD (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics) can be listed on Marketplace.

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