Monday, May 23rd, 2022

December 2012 – Best Practices for Posting on Multiple Blog Sites

There are more and more blog sites that want your content, including your own company blog. Learn how you can link to and repurpose content on multiple blogs so you can write one article and post it on many sites in different versions. (without duplicating content). Also get tips on how to come up with more topic ideas to satisfy the ever increasing need for more content.

Questions answered:
1. If I have a really good article where should I post it FIRST? ERP/CRM/SP Blog, My own blog, other blogs?
2. Can I post duplicate content on multiple blog sites?
3. If I do a rewrite of an article and post it on another blog, how much do I have to rewrite it?
4. Where can I find a writer to do rewrites?
5. If I get the chance to post (guest post) on another blog how do I know if it will bring me any benefit?

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