Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Should Old Content Be Removed From Your Website or Removed Just From Navigation?

Question: Should old content be removed from our website or just removed from navigation as kind of “hidden” page?  For example, info on the old versions of GP now that the new one is here.

Answer: SEO’s differ on this point but I think that old pages should be kept up, they can be removed from menus and a large Banner with a link should be provided to the newer product content or an updated post.

Removing pages and redirecting pages weakens a site.  Old page content should not be reused on new pages.  Rewrite the content.  In most cases Partners can just rewrite the new info on the existing URL. The only time a new page should be put up to replace an old page is if the URL has the version number in it.  So if the old page is /microsoft-dynamics-gp  then just rewrite the content on the page and leave it.  If its /microsoft-dynamics-gp-10  then leave the page up an create the banner with the link as mentioned above.

The only pages that should be permanently removed are pages created by hackers during an attack or pages from an older version of the site. Pages from an older version of the site should be redirected to the new site’s pages.

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Dave Foreman

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