Monday, May 23rd, 2022

How to Promote Your Videos On Community Dynamics

Notify Justin at via email to  that you would like them to subscribe to your video channel.  In the email provide a link to your YouTube channel and a request to have Community Dynamics subscribe to your channel and repost all of your Dynamics related content.  Be sure to tell Justin that you are a member of one of the Group Blogs (ERP, CRM, ASR or Distribution).

Once they subscribe to your channel, Community Dynamics will be automatically notified every time you upload a “public” video to your channel and they will repost it to one of their product video pages like this one for CRM .

Community Dynamics staff will figure out what the video is about based on your title and description of the video – so please make sure you keep the video set at “Private” until you optimize the video’ s title and description and tags. Be sure to include product names in your titles and descriptions.  Do not junk up your channel feed with test videos or multiple versions of the same video.  Do not switch videos from public to private and then back to public, this will cause Community Dynamics to post duplicates of your videos.

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