Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Inserting Photos and Embedding Videos into your blog posts.

Including photos and videos are a great way to attract more readers to your blog posts. We have now updated the security privileges on both blog sites so that you have the ability to add you own photos and videos.  When you choose “Add New Post” you will now see small icons next to Upload/Insert, above the menu. (see screenshot).


As with all things graphic, this can get a bit tricky.  I recommend that you review the training and tip below.

How to insert images into a post:

How to embed videos into a post:

Tip: How to Extract Images from a Word Doc to Add to a Blog Post:

If you are using a photo from a Word doc you must first properly extract it before adding to a blog post. You can not just copy and paste.

  1. Open a new blank slide in PowerPoint.
  2. Right click on the image in Word then copy from word to the clipboard and paste into the blank Powerpoint slide.
  3. Once pasted into PowerPoint you need to left click on the image in PowerPoint and click Save As.
  4. You can then upload that saved image into Word Press.
  5. A few words of caution.
    1. If you change the size of the image at all you will lose quality.
    2. No not enlarge or change the height | width ratio of the image
    3. If you are reducing the image the reduction should be done with image editing software like Adobe Fireworks but even a reduction will alter the quality. 
    4. If you reduce it and then have to enlarge it again start from the original file do not enlarge a shrunken image.
    5. Best practice is to not change the size of the image.

If you have trouble please set your post to DRAFT status, and email the photos or video (along with instructions on placement) to

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