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How to Get More Quick Quote Leads – Reporting

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Dear ERP Blog Members,

We need your help!  Even though SEO is the main benefit of your membership we all know that we love to get Quick Quote leads. These leads are often good quality, of real prospects in the buying cycle. I know at CAL we have closed 5 Quick Quote leads in the last year! We all want to get MORE quick quote leads. But in order to do this, we need to have better reporting. Why? Better reporting will help us get more attention from Microsoft for the Quick Quote tool, it will help us to determine ways to get better conversion rates and higher quality leads, will prompt improvements to the tool and it will help us make sure you are receiving the leads.  More reporting means more attention and funding for the tool. Which means more leads for you. Win-Win.


We have developed a very simple, easy to use reporting tool for Quick Quote leads. It is now on your main dashboard screen when you log into the ERP Blog.  So when you login to you will see a box called “ Leads (ERP)”. (if it is not expanded click on it.)

It should show each Quick Quote lead you have received. We ask that you mark each of your leads as:

  • Not Received: If you are sure you did not get this lead, we will be alerted so it can be resent to you.
  • Disqualified: Use this for any leads that you are no longer working on, were not a fit, were not a real company etc… (note: we do try to delete all test/bogus leads but some may slip in).
  • In Progress: Any leads you are still nurturing or working on sometime in the future.
  • Won: You closed the deal!


Now, I know that we all have LOTS of different reports we have to fill out each month and we are sick of it. But I beg you, please take a few moments to fill this out. I am convinced that it will help us to get more attention for the Quick Quote tool and more, high quality, leads. Right now we are only doing this for the ERP Software blog but I hope to roll it out to the CRM blog if I can prove that our wonderful members will use it – I have confidence in you!


An easy way is just to do a copy and paste into Excel, ask someone on your team to check the names in your CRM system, then input the data into the tool. (or if you are just way too busy, send me the Excel chart and I will do it for you)

None of this information will EVER be released to other members. And specific information will not even be released to Microsoft – we will just use the data to compile percentages and # of closed deals. You do not need to worry about any sensative data being shared with competitors or microsoft.

 If you have any questions, or feedback about the tool, please do not hesitate to contact me. I really want this tool to work and I thank you in advance for your help.


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