Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Having 10 “5 star” Ratings in Pinpoint Equals a “substantial boost” in Search Results

I recently found some insider info from Microsoft that having 10 “5 star” ratings in Pinpoint is equivalent to a “substantial boost” in ensuring you are shown high in search results. I have always wondered how many reviews was enough to make a difference and this is a helpful guideline. (although of course I can’t guarantee anything).  

For example, CAL Business Solutions has 10 reviews but they are not all 5.0 so I am not sure if that counts. I definitely have it on my marketing to do list to ask customers for more reviews.  

One idea is to ask all your customers for a review in your customer newsletter or at customer events. But another VAR I know suggests that instead of asking all clients for a review, you carefully select the ones you know are happy and will give you a positive review. I know one partner who includes a request for a testimonial and review right in the initial sales contract.

For ISV partners, why not ask your VAR partners to submit a review for you, and you can submit one for them in return.

(pinpoint review guidelines)

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