Monday, May 23rd, 2022

ERP Posts are Now Syndicated in Separate Product Sections of the Dynamics Community Site

Our ERP posts are now syndicated in separate product sections of the Dynamics Community Site. 

SL Posts Syndication, AX Posts Syndication, NAV Posts Syndication, GP Posts Syndication

This gives you more exposure to the right prospects.  (we are working on ideas to give our ISV members more targeted syndication too)

Please Remember! You must choose ONE product category for each of your posts. If your post relates to multiple product lines you still need to only choose ONE product category, so that the post does not appear on multiple pages of the Dyn Community site. So choose the product you want to focus on gaining more exposure for.  (Our proofreader will “assist” you with this if you forget.)


All CRM blogs are syndicated here: CRM Posts Syndication

We also wanted to alert you to a new blog on community from the CRM product management team, The CRM Connection with content focused on Business Decision Makers and prospects. We encourage you to visit the blog, it can give you some great ideas for blog posts. Or find an article you like, summarize it and link back to it.

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