Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Benefits of Using RSS Feeds to Show Blog Content on Your Company Website

This is a reminder of the benefits of using RSS feeds to show blog content on your own websites. Showing blog articles means you have a constant stream of new content on your site. And it shows people that you are blogging, especially if you are not also contributing to your own company blog. Here are a few ideas and examples of how you can use RSS feeds:

1)      When you login to the blog sites, on the dashboard, each member has the code you need to put a box or “widget” on your own website that will show only YOUR own blog articles. See graphic example.


2)      With a little extra website design work you can show your blog posts on a page like this: This is also just an RSS feed of my author account, but it looks more like a part of my website.

3)      I recently launched a new section of the CAL Business Solutions website called the ISV Marketplace, to showcase our ISV partners.  In order to have fresh content on this site I am publishing an RSS feed of all the articles on the ERP Software Blog written by ISV partners by using the category “By ISV/Add On Partners”. In other words, you can choose to show content from specific CATEGORIES of the blog site. 


For example, if you are an ISV partner for distribution perhaps you want to show links to all the blog posts in the “Dynamics ERP for Distribution” category. This way you have fresh up to date content related to your industry and give more exposure to your partners.

4)      Here is an example of a SharePoint blog member that is giving more exposure to blog posts on her site. This box is on the right sidebar of many of the pages of her site . See:

Keep in mind that you should talk to your webmaster to assist you with these changes. If you need additional help feel free to contact Interactive Limited

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