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March 2011-Twitter For SEO-How to Boost Your Rankings

March 30, 2011 by  
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The video above mentions studies done by top SEO’s that show Tweeting posts has positive effects on Google rankings, and indexation. See one of those articles here on SEOMoz:

The data from the SEOMoz post concludes that creating your new or post with internal links (which is automatic in WordPress blogs) along with a tweet that gets 3 or more Retweets, will help in increasing the time and rate at which they get indexed. While the data may show there is evidence that this technique will help your site increase its indexation and crawl time, I would advise you to do it with caution and care… My personal warning is to remember that Twitter is designed for your clients and not as a launching pad for Google, it would be horrible to see your account lose its following due to mass tweeting.

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