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Tips For Writing Great Blog Headlines and Great Content

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How do you get people hooked on your content? How do you write posts that people are more likely to share with their audiences? How can you guarantee that people will read your blog post?

The answer is to have an awesome idea and write excellent copy. But that’s such a vague response.

They say that around 80% of visitors to your blog will read your post title, but only about 20% will actually read the accompanying post. This means that the best way to get more links is to get more people reading your post. Since you always get less people reading your post than you do your headline, you have to make your headline amazing, in order to engage as many visitors as possible.

I’ve analysed dozens of blogs to find out what types of headlines result in posts getting hundreds of readers. Before I share the result of my findings, let’s give a quick personal example…

Read the article here…

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