Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Writing a Quality Blog Post is an Investment that Pays Long Term Dividends

I presented a session on blogging at a NYC Microsoft event this week. To answer an attendee’s question, I was trying to compare to ROI of blogging vs traditional marketing and a new thought struck me…..writing blog posts really pays long term dividends.  If I write and publish a quality blog post with good links back to my site, this blog post remains on the web “forever”. Two years from now if a prospect is browsing online for this topic, he could find my post and contact me. Compare that with direct mail. I could send out a great direct mail piece that produces results. But those results will be short term. As soon as the mail is thrown in the garbage, the phone will stop ringing. Also the links back to my website permanently enhance my site rankings.  Blogging and link building represent a permanent asset.  Whereas other forms of advertising are merely expenses.  

Writing blog posts takes time. Building backlinks to your website takes time.  But it is time that will pay off now and long into the future. How’s that for ROI!

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