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Microsoft PR team asks CRM Bloggers for Help on SuperBowl Sunday

Hello Members,
I got a call late today from a rep for the Microsoft PR team asking for help from our bloggers! is coming out with an ad that will be broadcast during halftime performance on Superbowl Sunday. Microsoft does want their “buzz” to be the only thing out there on Sunday so they are asking for blogs and tweets etc… focused on Dynamics CRM.  The attached document has details (but please keep this confidential.)

We would like to invite our members to assist Microsoft with this.

Opportunities like this from Microsoft show that they consider our group as key social media influencers. And my hope is that by participating we can turn this attention from them into even better “member only” opportunities and exposure.

If you are able to participate in this, let me know, as I will make sure MS is specifically aware of your support. (I realize that some of you sell SalesForce too… in that case I think you can just sit back and enjoy the game and try to stay neutral…)

Have fun!

Social Media Guidance

Super Bowl Sunday, February 6, 2011


The purpose of this document is to provide overall guidance for social media outreach for Super Bowl Sunday, as is expected to broadcast ads featuring Chatter during the halftime performance.

What’s Happening?

February 6, 2011

  • developed two, or one – still unclear at this point, broadcast ads in Chatter and purchased Super Bowl ad time. The ads will span the 30 seconds preceding and 15 seconds following the half time show and will meld with the Black Eyed Peas performance. This ad is expected to generate conversations and buzz in social and print media.

 Objective and Actions:

  • The objective of our outreach is to drive awareness and buzz around Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Super Bowl Sunday and keep it in any conversation taking place around, without being overly aggressive or looking defensive.
  • Timing: Start tweeting through the weekend as appropriate and focusing specifically on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 6th, 2011).
  • Our guidance for tweeting is to-
    • Focus on the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and highlight customers, especially switchers and the benefits they are experiencing by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
    • Do not focus on the weaknesses of’s products.
    • Follow #MSDynamicsCRM, and tweet or retweet recent Microsoft Dynamics customer wins, switchers and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 
    • If you’re a partner, consider highlighting your own wins / switches over if you have your customer’s consent and publicly available materials like videos, case studies, or press releases.
    • Use #Salesforce, #chatter, #MSDYNCRM OR #dontgetforced hashtags as part of your tweets.
    • Do not get into a competitive discussion with fans / spokespeople.
    • Be transparent – it’s important that you identify yourself as a Microsoft employee, customer or partner.

 Sample Tweets:

  • #Salesforce customers: switch to @MSDynamicsCRM& receive $200 /user. Read more @ #dontgetforced; #msdyncrm
  • Real-time feeds, group collab, up-to-date contacts, click customization = check w #MSDYNCRM. #Salesforce
  • Realize real productivity results, while reducing costs w #MSDYNCRM. Learn from #Salesforce customer switchers @
  • Hear from @MSDYNCRM customers that switched from #Salesforce by attending the virtual launch event #chatter
  • Increase revenue, maximize marketing $s, improve customer satisfaction& capitalize on relationships w #crm2011
  • @SmeadOrganomics reduced costs by 75% switching from #Salesforce to #MSDYNCRM #dontgetforced #chatter
  • @Panduit switched from #Salesforce to #MSDYNCRM & inc productivity 20%, adoption rate 90%, ROI 10 mos #CRM
  • Learn how @Syncsort inc user adoption &reduced costs w #MSDYNCRM since switching from #Salesforce #chatter #CRM
  • Prior #Salesforce cust Data Reduction Sys switched to #MSDYNCRM & reduced user costs by 50%, but inc adoption by 100% #CRM
  • Prior #Salesforce cust IGH Solutions drives user adoption up by 245% w #MSDYNCRM #CRM

Where to Follow Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 We will be using our social media sites to develop this conversation and engage with customers, partners, and others who share our passion for CRM. If you aren’t doing so already, we encourage you to follow/fan/subscribe to the following official Microsoft Dynamics CRM channels:


Where to Follow and Chatter
Facebook (!/salesforce

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