Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Web Sponsorship Opportunities by

Sponsorship opportunties available on

  • Competitive Insights
    • Placement in both the Competitive Insights emails and the Insights section of PartnerCompete
    • 180×150 pixel box on the side of each email and rotating on the web
    • 468×150 pixel banner near the top of the email once every four weeks during your sponsorship
    • Price: $250 for four weeks, $450 for eight weeks, $600 for twelve weeks
  • Web Sponsor – on the public pages of
    • $200/month for the home page
    • $100/month for each of the Dynamics product pages
    • Images rotate with other sponsors when pages are more than four sponsors on a page
    • 50% off any of the web sponsor spots when coupled with a Competitive Insights sponsorship

For info contact:

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