Monday, May 23rd, 2022

$50 off Competitive Sales Support by

Here are some brand new offers from Jason Carter at PartnerCompete. Blog members are amoung the first to know!

Competitive Sales Support – Ever get into a deal and find out you’re up against a competitor you rarely see, or perhaps one you’ve never even heard of? You don’t want to fly blind into that opportunity, but Microsoft unlikely to have anything for you, and the time you’ll spend researching the competitor on your own is time spent away from your client. Instead let PartnerCompete do some custom research  (typically between two and four hours) for you and let you know what you are up against. We do this for a flat, per incident fee: $250 for PartnerCompete members, $300 for nonmembers. All Blog Members Get $250 pricing until April 31, 2011.

Coming Soon:

Win/Loss Analysis – What you learn from your won or lost customers can have a big impact on the way you sell the next opportunity. What issues were most important to the customer, what tactics and messaging did the competitor use, and what ultimately drove the decision?  All great stuff to know, but in many cases you just don’t have the time to go back and find out. PartnerCompete can interview your won/lost customers, producing a report that helps you better understand that selection process so you can use that knowledge to your advantage in the next deal. Pricing: $350 for a each completed report

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