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20% Off Insights Membership by

One of my favorite places to get new ideas for blog topics is It is the #1 site for industry analysis and competitive research for Dynamics Partners.

Many of you likely receive the free Partner Compete email.  You get:

  • Daily or weekly email including the stories/links we hand pick from over 300 sources of market and competitor news/information 
  • Access to the Dynamics product headlines and “From the Partner Blogs” pages on 

Basically you just get a list of links. Clicking on each one takes you directly to the source article (on InformationWeek, ZDNet, a blog site, etc). But you miss the expert commentary and analysis from Jason Carter, which is the best part!

 When you get an Insights membership you get this extra detail including “what does this mean to Dynamics” and competitive positioning. You also get access to the site and the benefits that provides.

With an “Insights Membership” you get:

  •  Commentary/context around what each of these selected “Insights” stories/links means to the Microsoft Dynamics community 
  • Searchable archive of all Insights articles and analysis that can be filtered by Microsoft Dynamics product line, competitor, or other keyword 
  • Insights discussion forum for sharing your thoughts and perspective on key market news/events with other top partners. 
  • Access to featured blogs on topics like competition, sales strategy, marketing, and vertical industries 
  • Competitive Rally Groups around key competitors, including win/loss reports, sales tactics, etc 
  • Post Sales Requests to seek input from the community on your competitive sales scenario  

Insights Annual Membership:

Individual            $149

2 users                 $249

5 users                 $499

10 users               $799

Blog Members get 20% off the prices above! (expires May 1, 2011)

There is no additional per user per month amount for the Compete part of the site as members now get full access. You can view membership levels and pricing at:

Get info and request a free trial:

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