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How To Write Title Tags and Description Tags for SEO

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Writing effective title tags is probably the most important thing for search engine authorization.  Often times when I’m asked to write title tags for a site, I will find out that all my clients have for their home page title tag is just  the name of their company.  Or it will be the name of their company and a few very general keywords.

Your home page title tag is probably the most important part of search engine optimization, and you’re going to have to make some hard choices about what you want to have show up on the search engines.  You want to base your title tag decision on some keyword research, and you want to make sure, when you’re writing an effective title tag, that you’re going show up very high on Page 1 for some keyword terms.  If you choose your keyword term carefully, you will be able to show up highly on Page 1.  If you choose a keyword that is too difficult to rank for, or too general, you will never show up no matter what you do.

Chances are if you’re a smaller company, you want to look for keywords that other companies your size show up for or are targeting and the best way is to do some competitive analysis.  Go to other companies’ websites and look at what they are showing up for or what they’re trying to target with their home page keywords, on their title tag, and do some searches and see how well they’re showing up for those keywords.

Generally, you want to go after a longer  keyword if you’re not a major corporation.  You want to go  with a three-word or a four-word keyword. If you’re selling accounting software, you would not want to go after the keyword “accounting software.”  You would want to go after the specific brand of accounting software that you sell along with geographic markets you serve. For example if you’re a VAR or a partner, you might want to use “Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner New York” .

If you carry multiple product lines, you’re going to have to make some hard choice about what product lines you want to feature on that home page title tag,  and then use your interior pages to target other keywords.  A title tag only has 70 characters in it, and if you’re going to put your company name into the title tag, it should always go at the end of your title tag. If you have a long company name, you should try to shorten it, abbreviate it, whatever you can.  If it’s too long and takes up too much space, you might want to save your company name and put it in the description tag which will also show up in the search engine listing.

Now bear in mind your title tag is what will show up as the headline in your search engine listing for that particular page and for that reason, it’s extremely important that you write a good title tag that uses some keywords and generally describes what your company does within 70 characters.

The description tag is about 150 to 160 characters and that is more of a  sales pitch that tells in depth what your company does and might highlight some features or benefits that you offer customers specifically.  Also if you feel that you’re the type of company that people will be looking for your phone number from a cell phone or a web-enabled cell phone, you should put your phone number into your description tag as well so people can access it easily and give you a call if that’s all they’re interested in.

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