Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Vendor Tip: Speak-Write Transcription Service

If you are like me, you have lots of ideas for blog articles in your head, but it just takes too much time to write them out.  Or perhaps you have tried to get your consultants to write blog posts, but get nothing back.

I think I have found the solution –

This is a service I have tested out that I think is excellent for our bloggers. 

1)      sign up for a free account

2)      Call into your personal phone # and speak your ideas for a blog post. (even easier if you are using an iphone as they have an app)

3)      Within 3 hours they email you the transcribed text.

4)      Edit the text, add keywords and hyperlinks and post to the blog site!

The service is very inexpensive. 1.25 cents per word.  (so a 300 word blog post would be $3.75)

Still not easy enough?  If you need help with step #4, you can send the transcribed post to me and I will edit text, add keywords and hyperlinks and post to the blog site for you for a $50 fee. (email

You could also find an inexpensive writer to do editing for you at

Keep in mind, the best blog posts are ones that give real educational content based on your unique experience in the industry.  The benefit of using this service instead of having other people write posts for you is that you really get to use the real world knowledge you and your team members have.

If anyone else tests is out, let me know how you like it!

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