Monday, May 23rd, 2022

LeadLander Free 2 Week Trial for Members

You can get a free 2 week trial of leadlander at:

Over the past several months we have been testing “website visitor traffic tracking” tools,  including Leadlander, Visitortrack and Visistat. These tools track website visitors and identify their company’s name based on IP address; (very spy like).  We decided to install Leadlander ($1900 per year) on both the CAL Business Solutions website and the ERP Software Blog website.

The way it works is that I set up alerts to email me anytime someone visits more than 3 pages on the site or looks at specific quick quote or GP pricing pages.  Note: you only get company names and locations, NOT contact names.  For my company, I will send Leadlander leads, that I determine to be prospect companies, to my telemarketer, Dave Griffin. I have worked with Dave Griffin for more than 5 years and Dave has a unique ability to get to the right person even when NOT given a contact name. I have worked out a flat fee $5 per record pricing system with him that he will make available to all blog members. This is a hassle free way to try to qualify any companies that look like they may have potential.  Full details are attached. Note: Dave does NOT tell the people he is calling because he knows they were looking at our site online as this could be uncomfortable. He just treats it as a coincidental cold call. Please contact Dave directly if you are interested in his services.

To give you a quick idea of results:

Example 1: I did a 10 hour test campaign. I gave Dave 78 Leadlander records. For this test he called each only ONCE. 57 were not available. 5 he could not find phone #.  So he actually talked to 16 companies.  Cost: 10 hours @ $35 per hour = $350 Results: 2 warms leads and 1 hot lead = Cost per lead $116.

Example 2: Last month I saw someone browsing my site; sent the lead to Dave; he got controller on the phone who agreed to a meeting; I sent him meeting invite. All within about 3 hours. This is now a hot opportunity.  So I do think it works.

I have mentioned to the group that if anyone else is interested in subscribing to these tools and sharing leads that you can not use with the group you can send them to me and I will distribute.  While I am not providing members any incentive to share, I really hope that some of you will do it anyway and consider it “good karma” that will come back to you in the form of leads from other generous members.  We really need to USE the power of our group!

You can get a free 2 week trial of leadlander at: (yes, CRM members can use this link too. I am hoping if they see how much interest we have they will give us some kind of group discount, so please use this link)

Also members have asked me why I like Leadlander vs. other tools and similar questions, so here are a few of my tips:  It was essential to me that I receive email alerts sent to me so I did not have to login to the site every day. So this eliminated many of the lower priced options.  Visitortrack has a great integration to jigsaw however it is much more expensive. That perk did not justify the extra cost in my mind.  Also, I think you will be more successful with these tools if you have strong “call to action” or “buying cycle” pages on your website.  It does not really matter who is browsing your website unless you can narrow it down to know which ones browsing are actually in the buying cycle.  If they view pages related to pricing, promotions, offers, comparisons, etc… this is a good indication.

If you are intersted in telemarketing contact Dave Griffin directly:

Dave Griffin, Dynamics Focused Telemarketer (847) 984-2473

 Your Telemarketer “On Demand”:

$5 Per “Web Visitor” or individual record sent. No minimums.
•  Type contact info from email to personal excel tracking document for your company.
•  If unavailable on first call, will call up to 3 times before adding to unavailable list.
•  If available, endeavor to find correct contact name, current software system, interest in Dynamics ERP/CRM, contact email (if possible), next steps.
•  Send immediate email to your sales team of all leads.
•  Billing sent bi -weekly

Your Telemarketer “On Retainer”:

$35 per hour
• Call projects of all types

  • Web Visitors/Individual records
  •  Purchased lists
  • Database clean up
  • Seminar invitation/confirmation
  • Client campaigns
  • Prospect campaigns

• No campaign too large or too small.
• Minimum block of 10 hours to be paid in advance. Call reports/balance sent bi-weekly

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