Monday, May 23rd, 2022

SharePoint Blog Ideas

  • 10 questions to ask your Software provider before you sign the contract
  • 5 steps to a smooth software upgrade
  • How (product) helped (client x) to solve (issue x)
  • Why company x is looking for new solution/software – specific issues/pain points
  • Personal thoughts on industry statistic/article/white paper
  • How to know if you are outgrowing (product)
  • How feature x is different in (your product) vs. (competitor).
  • Does hosting software or SAAS save money?
  • Cloud computing and your product
  • How to determine your needs for software before starting to research packages
  • Cool ISV products we have used to make (your product) better
  • Why it makes sense to spend $ on (your product) in a bad economy
  • Why it makes sense to spend $ on training for (your product)
  • What types of training are available for (your product)
  • Microsoft maintenance plans – how to budget for them, what they include, how they compare
  • Interesting story from a recent training class
  • Interesting story from a recent implementation
  • Toughest install we ever had
  • Should you send out an RFP?
  • Local vs. remote support
  • Should you choose a VAR/partner based on location or vertical experience?
  • Why (your product) projects go over budget
  • How to choose a VAR/partner
  • Sites to do research on (your product) features
  • Should you hire a software selection consultant to review software choices for you?
  • A guide to acronyms and terms used by software vendors
  • Questions a VAR/partner will ask during the first meeting
  • Questions you should ask during the software demo
  • What kind of info can you get from (your product)
  • Experiences you have with companies in day to day life that make you wish they used your product.
  • Great examples of customer service (relate to how their software system helped them do this.)
  • Why a company chose (your product) or why another company did not.
  • What happens as larger vendors reduce complexity of their products to enter SMB market?
  • Top 10 sites to research (your product)
  • Fixed Bid/Fast path Implementations – Good or Bad?
  • Where do SMB’s get their info to buy?
  • Specific promotion prospect used to save $ on (your product) (make a story not a sales coupon)
  • Top Reasons for Project Delays
  • “Worst practices” for implementation
  • Why (your product) projects go over budget?
  • What is scope creep and how to avoid?

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