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Recent Posts

May 2020 – How to Optimize Your Post for SEO using Yoast plugin and using text links to benefit your company website and increase lead flow

Learn how to use the free Yoast SEO plugin to get the most from your blog posts and start ranking in Google search engine results. We also cover helpful tools for SEO and blogging: SpyFu, Keyword Hero, Moz, CopyScape and Google tools. Outbound links and keyword selection are essential; watch this Advanced Blog Training call […]

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January 2020 – Insider Tips: Building a Backlink Strategy for SEO

Backlinks are a critical part of SEO, but where do you start? This Advanced Blog Training recording covers helpful backlink tools by MOZ and reviews how to pull in-depth, actionable information from backlink reports to improve your backlink strategy. You will also learn how useful a backlink audit on your competitors can be for your […]

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October 2019-Calls to Action and Lead Tracking

Improve your lead flow with stronger and more personalized calls to action on your blog posts. Learn how linking to specific offers, adding blog author images, detailed company overviews, and more will improve your lead flow and blog traffic. We also discuss how pre-filled forms and forms with drop down menus are important aspects of […]

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July 2019-Optimizing and Improving Old Blog Posts

Stop focusing only on brand new content, and get more traffic and leads out of the content you already have! If you aren’t actively updating old blog posts on the ERP/CRM Software Blogs, ERP Cloud Blog and your company blog, you are missing out on SEO value and creating extra work for yourself. If you […]

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April 2019-How to Use Google Analytics Reports to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Google Analytics reports give valuable insight into the decisions you need to make to accomplish your marketing goals. Learn how to create goals to track how often users complete specific actions. We will also review some of the most useful reports in Google Analytics. Find out where your website traffic is coming from, see which […]

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